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Training and Equipping

Training & Equipping

As an equipping ministry, bringing the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word to followers of Jesus through training, instruction, discipleship, and encouragement opens seeing hearts and minds to healing.  Those who engage with the materials and other trainees find healing in the Person of Christ, the plan He reveals in His Word, and the path exposed leading to great relief.  Clarifying the message of Jesus and applying His principles of relationship with Him and one another many find a new freedom and peace from past injuries.  For both those who want to grow, leaving past painful injuries, and those in Christian ministry preparing others to serve as disciples, the tools developed will help identify, define, and resolve the ‘pasts’ that keep us ‘stuck’. 

On-line and tailored training is available. Trainers are eager to prepare groups growing in the command Jesus gave to ‘go make disciples’.   We currently have Volunteer Staff located in Southern California and Central Texas. 
Some of the benefits of training with include:
•    Deepened walk with God and mankind 
•    Increased confidence in encouraging others with unhealed hearts
•    Empowered relational skills that are Biblically based

•    Deeper insight and understanding of others 

•    Energized hope established in relationship with Christ

  • Hope for CLEAR Understanding in preparation for effective discipling of others in living and applying God’s law of love.  
  • Hope for CLEAR Compassion for service to other women in the Church, which says to others, “You are valued and valuable”. 
  •  Hope for a CLEAR Heart that embraces Jesus confidently as healer using ‘Connective Prayer’ - interactive praying.  ​

Tools & training

Learn more by checking out our Tools for Training, workbooks and video series.

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Jeff Biddle M.A., M.Div. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"As the pastor of Care Ministries and Counseling, I and my team have sensed an acute awareness of our own need to “receive” the very Christ filled compassion that we give out. Joy and her team created a safe environment where we as leaders were given safety and permission to receive Christ filled healing. Leadership in the area of Care can be lonely, exhausting, and often involves spiritual warfare. We have recognized that it is absolutely essential to be understood and cared for at this level." 

Michele M. Rickett, President & Founder She is Safe (SIS)

"I can enthusiastically endorse CLEAR Hope and founder/leader Joy Pedersen, to help lead women from a painful past into a Christ-empowered future. Joy is able to not only minister, but to train others to help hurting women, too. I hope you and your church have the opportunity to work together with CLEAR Hope for women who need a loving way forward."