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"The Beloved's Yearning"


The workbook by Joy Pedersen is designed to be used with "The Beloved's Yearning" video series.

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"A Longing to be Cherished"


This workbook is for leaders to use as a self-study to better lead wounded hearts in the Body of Christ. ​Staff is also available upon invitation to train leaders and those they train to lead. 

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"The Wall A Parable"


By Gloria Jay Evans, This  is a great parable that touches hearts wanting to better understand the process from brokenness to healing.  Written in a picturesque story format, it has ministered to many hearts.

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Video Series

To find out more about this training, please view this short video. 


"The Beloved's Yearning"


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"The Beloved's Yearning" video series by Joy Pedersen

This is a 12 part video series designed to be used in conjunction with the workbook.